Decades of narcolepsy have led me to both loathe and love sleep.

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I’ve always been a sleepyhead. My earliest memory of being a hard sleeper was back in preschool when the fire alarm went off during naptime and everyone was evacuating but me. One of the teachers had to carry me out because I couldn’t fully wake up. And based on my current frequency of naps, one would think that I need more sleep at night. And while that’s true, it’s more complicated than that: my body constantly tries to force me to sleep. Even when I manage to snooze for the recommended eight to ten hours, I’m still drowsy after my…

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After being an educator for 19 years, it’s apparent that teaching students how to write well is more important than ever. For our youth, the English language has devolved into unintelligible streams of letters for the sake of expediency.

Not that we haven’t taken shortcuts ourselves. Shorthand was invented to record information quickly so that we could later expand into proper English. These days, kids are just too lazy to type three letters to form “you” and prefer “u,” even when they have all the time in the world.

My own teenage daughter is of the generation that purposely disables…

The catalyst for a decade of healing that led me to start loving myself

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When I was younger, I had really nice breasts. In fact, I was really proud of them because they looked good whether they were harnessed or free. Since my fabulous rack was accompanied by a flat butt and apple belly that I constantly had to camouflage, I made the most out of featuring the girls. I was so self-conscious about 99% of my body but was glad that I had at least one redeeming quality!

Back then, fatphobia was more prevalent as was body shaming. The idea of embracing one’s curves was nonexistent in the media, and in fact, magazines…

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At the beginning of January, along with millions of well-intentioned people whose pants mysteriously shrank and whose credit card debts had swelled, I came up with my New Year’s resolution: I was going to change my spending habits and SAVE MONEY!

Having gone 42.5 times around the sun, I finally wanted to be a “responsible adult” and start doing things like investing. I have a pension and a tax-sheltered retirement account, but I wanted to build my wealth in other ways.

Like losing weight, this was something I’d previously attempted. It was usually born out of sheer frustration and terror…

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I’m jealous of my mentor and resentful that she’s better than I am.

Jealous of all of her Facebook friends, the number of people in her Facebook group, and the authority she had in the industry.

I‘m jealous that people would seek her out, that so many people show up for her Facebook Lives, and that so many people pay her for her services.

It seems ridiculous considering that she’s my mentor. Of course she’s so successful, or I wouldn’t pay her to guide me on my journey and help me grow!

But I measure myself against her. I can’t…

Under license

Like many of you reading this, I’m both a parent and a teacher. Wearing these hats has given me a unique perspective while also a disadvantage — I just might think I know more than my daughter’s teachers.

Admittedly, this sounds terrible, but every parent/teacher is guilty of this. You look at the work they take home, how their assessments are graded, the validity of assignments, etc. In the back of your mind, you’re judging the effectiveness of your child’s teacher based on how you see their curriculum through the lens of your own teaching.

When faced with an angry…

In my last post, I urged teachers to get out of their figurative shells and classrooms by outlining 10 things to remember when they wanted to hide out in their classrooms. To my delight, it received more attention than I’d anticipated!

Several teachers left comments on the blog, Facebook, and even Instagram thanking me for the reminder, admitting that they were guilty of hiding away during lunch. Another teacher emailed me reminding me that some school sites are actually small, so the staff sees each other every day.

What stood out was an email from a teacher wondering about how…

Being a teacher is definitely one of the most rewarding professions, but it can also be quite lonely. Overburdened with the workload, many teachers isolate themselves, both out of choice and necessity.

Staying in the classroom to work through lunch is normal, late afternoons and evenings grading is nothing new, and walking the long way to the office just to avoid disgruntled colleagues is part of the hustle.

And while there are many who regularly visit their neighbor during every break, eat lunch in the staff room, and are present at every school social event, there’s an equal amount of…

I get asked quite a bit how I manage to teach full time during the day, plan lessons, grade essays, start a side-biz, do webinars and Facebook Lives, spend time with my family, and still maintain my sanity.

People wonder if my husband and child are neglected (they’re not), if I have a virtual assistant (I don’t), or if I’m dropping the ball somewhere (I don’t THINK I am…). Someone even told me that I must be very organized. …

Kim Lepre

I write about life lessons and things I laugh at. Like life. I laugh at life. Subjects include ways I’ve messed up and messages from my tarot cards.

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